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Boiling compartment for distillates for 500 liters

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On its previous projects, Termo-Pab company implemented a two-vessel brewing system according to the following scheme: mash-boil kettle and lauter tun - whirpool.

Now a new brewhouse concept has been implemented: a mash-lauter tun and a boil kettle with whirlpool function.

This concept significantly expands the capabilities of the brewery. Since there is no reverse pumping in this design, as a result, the productivity of the brewhouse is significantly intensified. During the day, in two shifts, you can make 4 wort brews.

Also, this version of the brewing order expands the technological capabilities of the wort brewing. In addition to the infused wort brewing method, you can mash the decoction (decoction) method, which allows you to brew beer with increased malt aroma and achieve better beer clarity.

Tags: Brewhouse 500 liters

✅ Mash-lauter tun 500 liters.
✅ Hot water tank 500 liters.
✅ Brewhouse piping, platform.
✅ Electrical switchboard. 1 pcs
✅ Heat exchanger 1 pcs.
✅ Steam generator up to 60 kg / hour of steam.


Description / Specifications of the brewery




Hot water tank


Purpose: for preparation of hot water, for filtration of jam, for grinding processes, washing of equipment. Overall dimensions: h-2500 mm. - 1150 mm. Volume: 1000 l. Material: AISI 304 stainless steel. The tank is equipped with an inspection hatch, a level gauge, a 360 ° rotating washing head, and a butterfly valve.










Mash-lauter tun 

Material: stainless steel food grade AISI 304

Overall dimensions of the brewery:

Height - 2250 mm, diameter - 1200 mm.

The working volume of the brewery - 500 liters

The device is designed for mashing crushed malt or unmalted raw materials, as well as for filtering the mash and separating brewer's grains from the wort.

The device has a steam-water jacket on the bottom and shell. The kettle is heated by steam from an electric steam generator.

The device is equipped with an agitator-ripper driven by a gear motor with frequency control of revolutions, detachable filter screens, an inspection hatch, a hatch for unloading grains with a tray, a rotary washing head 360 °, a temperature sensor, a condensate drain, illumination of the internal space

Thermal insulation - polyurethane foam 100 mm.

Motovario geared motor - 1.1 kW, 380 V.











Service area

Designed to service the brewery of the brewery

Complete set: a podium with a fence, a staircase with a handrail, a decorative stainless sheet with a logo.

Material: stainless steel AISI 304




Wort pump

Designed for pumping wort and mash in the brewery.

With frequency regulation of performance.

Power consumption: 1.1 kW, 380V.




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