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Brewery 200 liters

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The heart of the 200 liter brewery is the brewhouse, where the largest number of beer brewing operations take place. The brewery of the brewery of 200 liters consists of a mash-lauter tun, a boil kettle and a whirlpool connected by a system of pipelines.

At the brewery 200 liters, the boil kettleis designed to brew wort with hops and sedimentation of suspensions. To provide heating of the contents of the tank, as well as to maintain the required temperature, the tank is equipped, respectively, with a steam heating jacket and thermal insulation. Stirring of the contents in the tank is carried out using a pump. To separate the particles insoluble in the wort (protein, hop particles) from the wort itself, a whirlpool is intended, in which, due to hydrodynamic forces, the suspensions are precipitated and aggregated. For filling grain products, hops and other ingredients, as well as for washing, the device is equipped with an inspection hatch and a washing rotary head. At the brewery 200 liters, the mash-lauter tun, in turn, is designed for mashing grain products and separating the liquid part of the mash (wort) from solid undissolved particles (spent grain). The design of the tank provides for special filtration elements (sieves), which allows separating the water-grain mixture (mash) into liquid and solid phases. 

To provide uniform distribution of the contents in the tank and also to loosen the grain filtering layer, the tank is equipped with a ripper driven by a motor. In addition to the inspection hatch, the tank is also equipped with a hatch for unloading spent grain. For washing, the brewery tank of 200 liters is equipped with an inspection hatch and a washing rotary head. For the possibility of visual observation of the process as well as for filling grain products and other ingredients, a brewhouse maintenance platform is intended.

At most breweries, regardless of productivity, for fermentation and maturation of beer in Thermo-Pab company, cylindrical-conical type devices, or CCT, have proven themselves to be excellent. Compared to the classic schemes for producing beer, at 200 liter brewery fermentation in CCT has a number of advantages, including a reduction in the required area, ease of washing the tank (the possibility of implementing it in CIP systems), the ability to install the tank on the street, as well as a reduction beer production time.

Also, in a 200 liter brewery, closed fermentation minimizes the risk of beer contamination and reduces the risk of the harmful effects of oxygen on the beer. To maintain the required temperature, the CCT is equipped with a cooling jacket, and a bunging pressure device is provided to maintain the required pressure in the tank. For washing and adding yeast CCT, a washing rotary head and an inspection hatch are provided, the location of which can be both on the cylindrical part of the CCT and on its top

For the implementation of the process of maturation of beer in the brewery of 200 liters, as well as for its storage, maturation tank is intended. The Termo-Pab company constructively proposes to make a vertical or horizontal maturation tanks. Each type of maturation tank has its own advantages for the brewery: for example, in the horizontal version, the beer clarification process is faster, but the placement of the maturation tank requires large areas; in the vertical version, the sedimentation of suspensions is not so intensive, but such a technological solution requires smaller production areas, which in the case of a restaurant-type brewery is often a very acute issue. 

When brewing beer at a brewery of 200 liters, the availability of hot water is an objective necessity. Therefore, a hot water tank is intended to obtain it. Depending on the design, Termo-Pab company proposes to supply the heater with a heating element or a steam jacket for heating the water. In addition to the function of a hot water source, this tank also acts as a collector of water heated after passing through a heat exchanger while cooling the wort.

At a 200 liter brewery, Kegs are the most common container for storing beer while dispensing at a bar. Therefore, the Thermo-Pab company, in order to preserve the taste of the drink, the kegs must be washed with special solutions. For this purpose, the vast majority of breweries use a keg washing unit. With all its structural and operational simplicity, this unit allows high-quality cleaning of the inner surface of kegs and completely remove all residues of solutions.

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✅ Mash-Lauter tun 200 liters.
✅ Boil kettle / Whirlpool 200 liters.
✅ Brewhouse piping.
✅ Electrical switchboard
✅ Heat exchanger 1 pc.
✅ Steam generator up to 22 kg / hour of steam.
✅ Cylindrically-conical tank 400 liters 1 pc.
✅ Refrigeration station 5.8 kW cooling capacity.
✅ Cooling agent pumps 2 pcs. , wort pump 1 pc.
✅ KEG filling device
✅ Food hose kit

A brewery with a capacity of 200 liters. This cost of the brewery includes a complete set


Description / Specifications of the brewery




Boil kettle/Whirlpool


Material: stainless steel food grade AISI 304

Polished inner surface and seams.

Overall dimensions of the brewery: h - 1850 mm. ,

 Ø - 850 mm.

Working volume - 200 liters.

The total volume of the brewery is 250 liters

The device is intended for boiling the wort with hops, as well as for separating protein suspensions and insoluble particles of malt and hops from the wort.

The device has a steam jacket on the bottom and shell. Heating is carried out by steam from an electric steam generator.

The device is equipped with an inspection hatch, a thermal sensor, a 360 ° rotary wash head, and interior lighting.

Thermal insulation - 70 mm polyurethane foam.










Mash-lauter tun

Material: stainless steel food grade AISI 304 Polished inner surface and seams. Overall dimensions of the brewery: h - 1850 mm. , Ø - 850 mm. Working volume - 200 liters. The total volume of the brewery is 250 liters The device is designed for mashing crushed malt or unmalted raw materials, as well as for lautering the mash and separating brewer's grains from the wort. The device has a steam jacket on the bottom and shell. The tank is heated by steam from an electric steam generator. The device is equipped with an agitator-ripper driven by a gear motor with frequency control of revolutions, detachable filter screens, an inspection hatch, a hatch for unloading grains with a tray, a 360 ° rotary washing head, a temperature sensor, a condensate drain, illumination of the interior space

Thermal insulation - 70 mm polyurethane foam.

Motovario geared motor - 0.75 kW, 380 V.











Wort pump

Designed for pumping wort and mash in the brewery.

With frequency regulation of performance.

Power consumption: 1.1 kW, 380V.







A set of pipelines and valves of the "butterfly" type. Hop separator in the processing line, mounted on a supporting frame.

Material: food grade stainless steel AISI 304.






Steam generator

Electric steam generator with steam supply system.

It is intended for the production of steam for heating the mash-lauter tun of the brewery.

Productivity: up to 22 kg / hour. Power consumption: up to 18 kW, 380V

Working pressure 0.3 MPa

Steam operating temperature:  up to 142 ° C





Electric switchpanel

Designed to control the wort boiling process, frequency control of the mash-lauter tun motor, a wort pump, to display the temperature in the mash-lauter tun and Boil kettle/Whirlpool, heat exchanger, hot water tank, as well as to adjust the temperature of the wort during cooling





Heat exchanger

Double-circuit heat exchanger, designed to cool the wort while pumping to the CCT.




Fermentation cylindrical-conical  tank (CCT)

Cylindrical-conical type tank.

The working volume of the CCT is 400 liters.

Total volume of CCT 480 liters

Cone angle CCT 400 liters 60 °

Overall dimensions of CCT 400 liters:

CCT height - 1920 mm, CCT diameter - 480 mm.

CCT cone angle - 60 °. The tank is a welded structure with a double wall, spiral cooling jacket and thermal insulation. The device is equipped with an inspection hatch, a rotary washing head, a bunging pressure device with a manometer, yeast and beer sampling pipes, a sampling valve, a level gauge, with the possibility of beer hopping through hop infusion device

Installed on adjustable feet. Purpose of CCT 400 liters: for fermentation of wort and maturation of beer, saturation of beer with carbon dioxide (carbonization) under overpressure and beer clarification.

Material food grade stainless steel AISI 304










Cooling condenser unit

Cooling capacity: 5.8 kW

Power consumption: 2.9 kW, 380V

The capacity of the refrigeration station will allow the installation of up to 10 CCTs with a prospective expansion of production





Refrigerant circulation pumps

Power consumption: 0.75 kW, 380V





Grain crusher

Roll type crusher with two driven crushing shafts

Power consumption: 2.2 (1.1 + 1.1) kW, 380V

Productivity: up to 350 kg / hour





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