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Bright beer tank 3х1000 liters in CIP

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BBTs are placed in two tiers on a reliable supporting frame. These BBT 1000 liters designed with washing CIP-head. One of the important advantages of 1000 liter horizontal BBT is their high efficiency for beer clarification. This is natural. Due to the difference in the height of the beer column in the 1000 liter CCT and the 1000 liter horizontal serving tank, the process of natural clarification of beer in the 1000 liter BBT will be approximately 2.5 times faster.

As you can see, for the rational use of the brewery area, the horizontal 1000 liters can be arranged in several tiers.

The company "Thermo-Pab" produces BBT of various volumes of horizontal and vertical types. A high-quality cooling jacket for 1000 liters serving tanks and thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam reliably maintain low-temperature conditions in the tank and ensure long-term storage of beer before bottling.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to manufacture prefaces according to individual dimensions, with the installation of viewing sight glasses, the installation of a double-acting safety valve and other modifications. Also, BBT 1000 liters can be mobile. Due to the fact that the container is completely thermally insulated, it is possible to transport 1000 liters serving tanks over long distances. At the same time, the temperature of the beer will hardly change.

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✅Material - food grade stainless steel AISI 304
✅ The total volume of the tank is 1200 liters.
✅Thermal insulation - polyurethane foam 75 mm thick.
✅ The front and rear covers are also thermally insulated.
✅BBT has a spiral cooling jacket on a cylindrical surface,
✅Equipped with an inspection hatch
✅Bunging pressure device
✅Rotary CIP-head
✅Two Beer intake pipes
✅ Shut-off valves Dn 32.
✅Complete emptying pipe takes beer from the lowest point of the serving tank,
✅Beer intake pipe is raised by 10 mm for guaranteed selection of pure clarified beer without suspended solids.
✅Assembly of two serving tanks on a supporting frame
✅ Length 2759 mm
✅ Height 3189 mm.
✅ Width 903 mm.

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