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The producer of brewing equipment "Termo-Pab", having started its activity in 2017 and constantly expanding the geography of projects, already in 2019 declared itself on the market of the European Union!

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An individual approach to each customer is the priority principle of the "Thermo-Pub" company. The company's specialists conduct a thorough analysis of the customer's needs, plans, tasks and many other aspects in order to make the best offer.

The Termo-Pub company shows maximum flexibility in matters of payment for brewing equipment. Individual terms of payment are discussed with each customer, conditions of maximum loyalty are offered and the best solution will always be offered, which will take into account the wishes of the customer.

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Brewery Termo-Pab

The Termo-Pab company began its activity in 2017. One of the largest manufacturers of breweries in Ukraine. But our company did not stop there. Two years later we entered the European market. Why choose us? We make breweries for every taste, budget and scale. Our workshops are staffed by professionals. An individual approach to each customer is a priority in the work of the Termo-Pab company. Our specialists conduct a thorough analysis of the customer's needs, analyze plans and tasks and the result that the customer wants to receive. We have the most loyal payment terms. With each client, after a conversation, a method of payment is determined, taking into account all the wishes. All breweries that leave our workshops are certified in the Conformite Europeenne system. We have high-quality equipment that will satisfy the needs of any customer. We make breweries of any size from micro breweries to factory breweries. We have affordable delivery throughout Ukraine and CIS countries and a 36-month warranty on all equipment manufactured by our company. History of modern brewing Many historical sources indicate that people were engaged in brewing as early as the 8th millennium BC, and that beer was brewed as far back as ancient Babylon. Already in the modern world, the Danish biologist Emil Christian Hansen made a great contribution to brewing. He was engaged in the study and classification of yeast, and also brought out new types of yeast for brewing. His discoveries gave a huge impetus to brewing on an industrial scale. At that time, the rapid development of technology and full automation led to the fact that handicraft beer production went out of use. But the fashion for its own, without chemistry and all natural is back. Mini and micro breweries equipped with modern equipment are again in demand. You can buy a mini or macro brewery from the leading company in Ukraine "Termo-Pab". Our breweries Micro breweries for private ownership and small businesses. Craft breweries in Ukraine are gaining more and more popularity. You can buy an automatic brewery and become a brewer. Develop your own recipe and produce beer from 50 to 200 liters. Mini breweries. Calculated from 300 liters of wort per brew to 500 liters. Breweries and breweries. You can buy a brewery for 1000 liters from us, as well as equipment for a brewery for 2000 liters and 2500 liters of wort for one brew In most of our breweries, regardless of performance, for the fermentation of beer in the Termo-Pub company, cylinder-conical type devices (abbreviated CCT) have proven themselves. The CKT brewery has a number of advantages. For example, space saving, convenience of washing the device with the ability to connect CIP - washing. CCT can be installed outdoors and reduce the time of beer production. CCT for beer, you can buy at a bargain price in our company. We produce CCT with premium or standard class cooling. The premium CKT brewery has a Dimple Jacket double-circuit cooling system. The standard has single-circuit spiral cooling. At any brewery from our company, you can make lemonade, kvass, champagne. This is a ready-made business that pays for itself in the first months if you are the owner of a chain of breweries. Brewery accessories In our company you will also find all the components of the brewery. If something is out of order for you, you need to replace or buy in addition, then you can safely contact us. The Termo-Pab company represents and manufactures such components as: Brewing order. Produced according to the new concept of the brewhouse with the Mash-Wort Brewer and Whirlpool Filtration Apparatus or the modernized Mash Filter and Wort Brew Whirlpool, will expand the technological capabilities of wort brewing. Hot water tank. Made from food grade stainless steel. The standard package includes a CIP pipeline with a rotary washing head, a level gauge, a temperature sensor sleeve, and shutoff valves. Keg/CIP washing.Keg is the most common container for storing beer when it is poured at the bar. Therefore, the Termo-Pab company, in order to preserve the taste of the drink, kegs must be washed with special solutions. For this purpose, the vast majority of breweries use a keg washer. Bar hop maker. HopBar will perfectly complement the interior of the institution, in the craft segment this is a relevant thing. The industrial hop mixer from the Termo-Pab company is an easy-to-use, but reliable design. Cold hopping or, as it is also called, dry hopping, is the use of hops during the fermentation and maturation of beer. During the hopping process, essential oils are transferred from hops to beer, providing the aroma and taste of the drink. Steam generators. Designed for heating and boiling wort Refrigeration station. The cooling systems of our production are properly designed units that will provide the right temperature throughout the entire working

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