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A keg is the most common container for storing beer when dispensed at a bar. Therefore, the Thermo-Pab company, in order to preserve the taste of the drink, the kegs must be washed with the help of special solutions. For this purpose, the vast majority of breweries use a keg washer. With all its constructive and operational simplicity, this unit allows high-quality washing of the inner surface of kegs and completely removing all residues of solutions.

Washing guide

The container is manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the food industry, therefore hygiene and sanitary requirements can be ensured with proper cleaning.

If more than 24 hours have elapsed since emptying the keg, it must be rinsed before filling. Keg washing must be carried out in a technological order. Washing of external surfaces of equipment is carried out manually using mechanical means, or using special chemicals.

The duration of washing depends on the degree of soiling of the keg and on the type of soiling.

In the case of normal technological contamination, the washing instructions are as follows:

the first stage: it is necessary to rinse the container with water, thereby removing floating dirt and preventing early contamination of detergents - at least 5 minutes;

after rinsing the container with water, washing with a hot solution of an alkaline detergent (at 80 ° C 1-2% NaOH for 20 minutes);

followed by rinsing with water until complete removal of alkali - ≈ 5 minutes;

then you need to wash with an acid solution (0.5-1% C2H4O3 for 10 minutes);

washing is completed by repeated rinsing with water for at least 5 minutes or until the detergents and disinfectants are completely removed from the surface of the device (visual inspection).

In case of heavy contamination, the wash continues until the surface shines! Parts that are hidden from a direct stream of detergents or water during washing must be washed by hand.

When cleaning the container, you must adhere to the safety regulations!

Attention: when washing it is FORBIDDEN to use detergents containing active chlorine !!!

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✅Material: food grade stainless steel AISI 304;
✅ Overall dimensions: L-1220 mm, l-730 mm, h-1650 mm;
✅ Alkali tank - heating element power consumption: 4.5 kW;
✅Acid tank;
✅Connection type 380 volts 50 Hz;
✅Weight 55 kg;
✅The volume of the alkali tank is 100 liters;
✅The volume of the acid tank is 100 liters;
✅Control panel;
✅2 Speroni Pumps - Italy;
✅A set of sterile air filters - Italy;
✅Work table;
✅ Table frame;
✅ Acid supply valve;
✅ Alkali supply valve;
✅ Alkali drain valve;
✅ Acid drain valve;
✅3-position valve for draining into the sewer;
✅ 3-position valve for return to tanks;
✅ Air supply valve;
✅ Valve water supply;
✅ Steam supply valve;
✅Sewer connection pipe.

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