Buy a brewery for 200 liter
200 liter brewery
Технические характеристики

Mash tun 200 liters.

Lauter tub Whirlpool 200 liters.

Harness cooking order.

Remote Control.

Heat exchanger 1 pc.

Steam generator up to 22 kg / hour of steam.

Cylinder-conical fermenters 400 liters 1 pc.

Refrigeration station 5.8 kW cooling capacity.

Cold pumps 2 pcs. cooking pump 1 pc.

KEG filling device

Food hose kit

27 838 $

TERMO-PAB wort brew machines are the main components of the microbreweries . The brewhouse machine for preparation of wort has traditional.

All components that are necessary to production of wort are integrated to three universal tanks. Each tank ensures several functions. This type of the wort brew machine is able to produce from one to two batches of wort per day, if malt is used for the brewing, or up to three batches of wort per day, if malt extract is used instead malt.

Brew machine consists of :

Functional tanks :

  1. Mashing tank / Wort boiling tank – Multifunction vessel equipped with steam duplicator and stirrer for the mashing of malt grains in watert and for the boiling of wort with hops.

(Ideal for single infusion mashing, this mash mixer and lauter tun hybrid combines two essential pieces of brewhouse equipment to create a vessel that operates in half the space of two unique machines.)

  1. Filtering tank – the tank with special sieve to separation of malt rests from wort before boiling wort with hops.

(Proper filtration is key to achieving the brew you desire. When the mash is pumped into the lauter tun, the sweet wort is then separated from the grain husks. The lauter tun consists of a large vessel to hold the mash, a false bottom, and a manifold to allow the wort to recirculate and clarify. The wort can then be transferred to the kettle while sparging removes any residual sugars to be collected. An adjustable height raking machine keeps the bed from collapsing allowing for a quick vorlauf and collection while maintaining your desired clarity.)

  1.  Whirlpool tank – tank equipped with a tangential inlet for centrifugal separation of solid hop rests from wort. This tank is positioned under the filtering tank.

(After boiling, the wort is transferred into a whirlpool to remove any protein present. During this stage, any malt or hop particles are removed to leave a liquid that is ready to be cooled, aerated, and fermented. )

Other functional parts :

  • Service platform with stairs for easy access to the tanks and all control elements
  • Pipe system with a centrifugal pump and manualy controled valves, flow-through pipe element with sight glass
  • Heating system for mashing and boiling of wort based on hot steam as a heat transfering medium with external steam generator
  • Integrated wort cooler
  • Electric system for measuring and manual or automatic control of the wort brewing process
  • Control panel Condenser of vapors from the wort brewing process with the ventilator and regulation (optional accessory)
  • Lift mechanism of the stirrer in the filtering tank (optional accessory)

Cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks – Professional universal cone fermentors
Universal pressure tanks with the classic design and a professional equipment intended to both primary and secondary fermentation and conditioning of beer, cider, sparkling wine in the same fermentor

Cylindrically-conical tanks, the most commonly used brewery fermentation vessels, with classical design and equipment – for the most of breweries, microbreweries and producers of alcoholic carbonated cider. Insulated tanks cooled by glycol. They are equipped with double-jacket for efficient cooling and temperature control during all fermentation process.

Cylindrical conical tanks are typical brewery tanks that are designed especially for production of alcoholic beverages like beer, carbonized wine or cider. They are designed to fermentation of alcoholic beverages under pressure. In pressure version, the tanks are available also for secondary fermentation process (maturation of beverage under pressure). In this case, it is possible to use them also as serving tanks before filling of beverage into kegs or bottles, kegs or other packages. We produce all these devices either in model configurations or according to individual customer requirements.

All the tanks are equipped with the fermentation control mechanism for fine adjusting of pressure in the tanks. Temperature may to be easily regulated with the local or central control system.

27 838 $